The LV2000 r2.1 and LV2000 Light

The LV2000

The LV2000 now has a little brother, the LV2000 Light.

One of the most frequent failures of the Wells Gardner 6100 series XY color monitor is that the low voltage power section of the deflection board fails.

Anyone who owns a Tempest, Space Duel, or other Atari color XY game with a WG6100 in it has probably seen this problem. Something in the HV fails, or a deflection transistor shorts which causes runaway currents to be drawn through the low voltage section which in turn burns out the small regulating transistors Q100 & Q101 and some resistors!
And sometimes it just decides to fail for no reason.

The LV2000 is a low voltage retrofit which eliminates this problem. This small PCB replaces all the components of the regulating part of the low voltage section. On the original LV2000, the voltage is adjustable with two small potentiometers. The LV2000 Light has set voltages and which are not adjustable. Both boards have two LEDs indicating that the low voltage is being generated.

The only parts that do not get removed from the low voltage area are the large filter capacitors, the 4 diodes, and the power output transistors.

With the LV2000 retrofit installed, the low voltage power section of the deflection board should never fail. If your LV2000 fails for any reason, (bad install, component failure, user error), return it and it will be replaced for free.

LV2000s are shipped assembled and tested

LV2000 Original
1x LV2000 ($35 each)
3x LV2000s/$96 ($32 each)
10x LV2000s/$290 ($29 each)
LV2000 Light
1x LV2000 Light ($27 each)
4x LV2000 Light/$100 ($25 each)

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If you need tips on soldering: How To Solder
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