When you turn it on the fuses blow:
If the fuses are blowing before you plugged in the power transistors, then check the 4 rectifier diodes and check for a short in the 2 big filter caps.
If those check out and fuses are still blowing, unsolder and remove the LV2000 and check to see if the fuses still blow. If they don't, check for bad solder joints, components, etc. on the LV2000.

One, or both, of the leds aren't lighting.
Check first to see if you are getting power on the pins 3 & 6 of the P100 connector. If so, then the led is burned out or something has come unsoldered.
If your not getting any power out on pins 3 & 6, check to make sure the +/-33 are getting to the regulators. On the 337 (negative) check the middle pin, on the 317 (positive) check the right pin.